Rusty old Man Project


Starting a new project. Received an ‘made to order’ today, men’s large with measurements given to ensure that the sizing is met. 100% Merino wool shell and thickly thrummed Merino roving.

The name of the project is fondly given. An old school chum contacted me for an order and wanted to surprise her husband who loves to go for walks in the cold of winter.  So I will knit a warm pair so she can see the smile on his face.

I try to get various thrummed mittens done up but when doing MTO’s (made to order) it is first come, first to receive their treasures. Waiting time till I finish and post depends on the available of wool and what is on hand at the time.

I favour Merino because it is light weight yet with warmth that only it’s softness surpasses. This project will be fun doing while the air chills.  I will at times use a blue face Leicester because when done in roving fibre it is almost as soft as Merino.

Updated: Finished

100% Merino Wool shell and Thrum
#117 Mens Thrummed Mittens MTO

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