Thrummed Mittens #122 Spruce

The cold weather is coming upon us and the next few days a cold front is going to dip the temps down to -17. Not bad but a quick decent from +8.

What else can you do but put your feet up and start a new pair of mittens. When I acquire my stash I put a ball of wool in a plastic bag along with my choice roving that will be in put its own plastic bag twisted shut. I twist the outer bag and place into small Manila paper gift bags. Now that they are matched and separated, protected and lined up, they are waiting for me to choose them.

I find this system so easy and enjoyable. There are days when your head is tired and doesn’t want to decide another thing. Those were the days I would not knit. I just couldn’t go and choose. This system eliminates those days and actually creates more enjoyment in knitting.

So tonight while the thermometer dips I’ll close the drapes and enjoy the warmth and knit while watching cooking shows on the gusto channel.

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