This site is about homemade or handmade products made in a smoke and pet free environment. Quality work and variable designs.  They are lovingly made in Nova Scotia, Canada.

You can email us to inquire about the products, please indicate # of product. We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. If type of wool or material is not stated then we do apologise and you may contact us to get more info and we would appreciate the heads up.

Merino wool is a desirable and favourite of our  choice of wool for mittens because it has the same warmth but with less bulk and weight.

These products are for sale and sales can be arranged. Please contact for info.



This is the measured guide used for more approximate sizing.  You will find on the pictures a list of sizing, this is the key to use. We realise that not all hands are the same and hope this assists you. The ‘C’ is not a measurement for around the hand it is like the others as in it is only on the up facing palm.

For example: C = from the beginning of the inside crease between the thumb and palm. It goes straight across the palm to the edge.

B= the inside crease where line ‘C’ begins and up to the tip of the thumb.

All other measurements go from tip of finger to line ‘C’

Thank you for being patient while the site is being set up.

…quality products in the works

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